Positive - Responsible - Involved - Disciplined - Excellent


At Armuchee Middle School, our faculty and students are involved in what we call the PRIDE Program. This program was created by members of the faculty and student body to make AMS a positive place by rewarding excellence and encouraging good behavior.


Throughout the school and in our classrooms, PRIDE guides are posted to state exactly what is expected of our students and what it means to have pride. Arrowheads are given to the students by all members of the faculty and staff to students who demonstrate positive behavior.


Each month, students are given an opportunity to spend their Arrowheads at our school store, on field trips, on movies and popcorn, or in drawings where many great prizes are given away to the winners.


Our PRIDE Program is one of the best motivational tools we use to say "thank you" to our students who go a step above being mediocre.


If you have any questions about PRIDE or our discipline policies, please feel free to contact the administration.